Mint Giant


A highly concentrated, mint odor, bowl cleaner and deodorizer. Squirt control cap permits Mint Giant to reach the hard to get at areas under bowl rims and urinals lips. It quickly removes water stains and encrusted deposits. Mint Giant removes unwanted deposits which harbor obnoxious odors. Surfaces are left deodorized and smelling fresh. Thickened formula clings while it cleans and continues to work through repeated Flushing. It is specially formulated to clean on contact with minimum swabbing. Mint Giant is inhibited formula provides for greater safety on the metals in pluming systems, yet is powerful enough to remove tough lime an uric acid salt deposits. Ordinary cleaners are half as active.


• Easy to use
• Pleasant mint aroma
• Thickened for super clings action
• Fast acting
• Safe on Porcelain and Ceramic
• It is non-irritating
• Does not produce any harsh acid fumes
• Mint aroma lasts for hours
• Less scrubbing needed to removes stains from bowl
• The double action formula contains
35% active ingredients to speed cleaning time
• Mint Giant combined action of
organic and inorganic acids provide a wider range of effectiveness against scale, uric acid salts and hard water


• Bowl Toilets
• Urinals

1 Quart - CS 12