Orange Float

100% Active Floating Lift Station Degreaser

As raw sewage Flows into lift station wet wells to be pumped to treatment facilities, accumulations of sewage, grease, oils, fatty acids and calcium and magnesium soaps form deposits on the walls. These deposits reduce volume capacity of wet wells and by their natural decomposition process emit offensive odors. To return lift station to optimum efficiency this accumulation of debris must be removed or substantially reduced.

This highly specialized citrus product is formulated to be a floating solvent system possessing degreasing and detergent properties which cleans the vertical surfaces of lift station, wet wells and similar treatment facilities.


• Biodegradable
• Cleans
• Floating action degreaser
• Eliminating all organic odor
• Reduces odors
• Rapidly citrus cleaner


Orange Float is formulated to clean and maintain:

• Septic tanks
• Life stations
• Sewage systems
• Drain lines
• Grease traps in hospitals, restaurants and commercial kitchens.
• A secondary property of this unique product is its ability to "seal" or contain
offensive odors which emit from the lift station.

Drum 55 Gallons, Drum 20 Gallons, Pail (5 Gallons),
1 Gallon - CS 4 & 1 Quart - CS 12