ROYAL FLUSH Portable Toilet Treatment


Portable Toilet Treatment - Liquid Digestant and Odor Control

This product is a breakthrough in portable toilet waste and odor control. This high performance product uses nature's own waste digestion process to aggressively destroy odors instead of hiding them behind fancy perfumes. Fast acting enzymes attack waste and its by-products at the molecular level. Millions of potent waste-digesting bacteria work continuously to reduce solid accumulation and destroy odors at their source. Far safer and more effective than formaldehyde and other harsh preservatives, this product is 100% biodegradable. Treated waste can be processed in conventional waste treatment facilities without special handling. A pleasant, fragrance and a built-in dye aid in keeping each use delightful.

Features and Benefits

• Controls waste and odors without the use of chemicals
• Keeps portable toilets and holding tanks odor-free during periods of heavy use
• Contains both anaerobic (can live in airless environments) and facultative (can live with or without oxygen) bacteria
• Bacteria are in spore form for extended shelf life
• Contains vitamins to enhance bacterial growth
• Increase pit capacity


• Portable toilets
• Public transportation
• Holding tanks
• Aircraft
• RV/Marine toilets
• Pit toilets


Drum 20 Gallon • Pail (5 Gallons)